Wipe With The Midas Touch

Toilet Paper that is Covered with Gold

Toilet paper is a product that is used by every man on a daily basis. But most people never think about this essential product until they have run out of it. No one likes to talk about it in public, and if anything, most people search for rolls that are soft to touch and very thin. There are also people who love to use these rolls that are scented. But no one ever gives a thought to the fact that it is after all a paper product that requires wood from trees to be manufactured. Using wood for toilet paper is certainly detrimental to the environment considering the quantity of rolls that are sold all over the country every month.

Toilet paper is something that most people do not pay any attention to. After all, it is something to throw away after wiping your ass. But for those who are super rich, every product that they use in their lives needs to be something out of ordinary. It should conform to their high standards and reflect their extravagant style of living. Keeping the requirements of this class of people an Australian company has come up with something unique and bizarre. It has manufactured a toilet paper studded with nuggets of 22 carat gold. Believe it or not but this gold toilet paper roll costs a staggering $1,376,900.00 The name of the company is Toilet Paper Man and so far it has made only 1 paper roll made of gold. The company claims that this golden toilet paper roll is 100% safe to use. 

According to the company, the inspiration to make golden toilet paper roll came from toilet seats made of pure gold that are being used in UAE. However, this paper roll made of gold has not been sold yet and it awaits a customer who is so rich that he finds wiping his ass with a $100 bill pedestrian.

This is certainly the most expensive toilet paper roll ever made. Flakes of gold will fall off on to the floor as the owner rubs the paper roll on his ass. According to the manufacturer, this will give a lot of satisfaction to the user. To inflate the ego of the buyer furthermore, Toilet Paper Man is giving a bottle of champagne free to the individual who buys this TP roll.  Perhaps the company is aware of the fact that anyone who uses this golden toilet paper to wipe his ass must be seriously drunk as well. 


The good news is that if you buy this Golden 3ply 24K gold TP you will also get a FREE bottle of champaign. Which is good, because if you fork over this much money to wipe your butt- your gonna need to get drunk. You need to hurry though, because they only have one roll in stock.


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