The 4.8 Million Dollar Toilet

People do not like to talk about the way they defecate as it is considered uncivilized. However, for those who are super rich, even their toilet seat is enough to make a statement about their high status. Throughout the history of mankind, stories about emperors and dictators having a toilet seat made of gold fitted in their bathrooms have reached common people to cause bewilderment. However, there is no need to be surprised or shocked to know that there are actually some people around the world who find it too common and ordinary to defecate by making use of a ceramic toilet seat. These are very wealthy people who actually sit on seats made from pure gold to defecate and give a boost to their already inflated egos.

There is a company in Hong Kong that has made a complete toilet using pure gold and gems. It is believed to be the most expensive toilet in human history and it is priced at $4.8 million thought it is not on sale. This toilet has been on display since 2001 and it even finds a mention in the Guinness Book of World Records as the costliest toilet ever made. In fact, this toilet finds entry in Guinness Book twice as the costliest toilet and also as the most expensive bathroom.

The company that manufactured this toilet has been using it in its display in a bid to attract more customers. Nearly 380kg of gold has gone into manufacturing this toilet and it remains is heavy security all the time. This toilet seat certainly takes the cake as it is even more expensive than the costliest of thrones in human history.

This golden toilet is believed to have been inspired by Russian leader Vladimir Lenin who once said toilets made of gold would be able to serve a reminder about the wasteful ways of the west. Not surprisingly, this jewelry shop attracts nearly 5000 visitors everyday trying to catch a glimpse of this extraordinary bathroom.

The jewelry store where this toilet is on display recently came into news when it was revealed that the shop has been removed from tourism maps of Hong Kong.  This action was taken by the authorities when they received many complaints from people about the rude behavior of the staff at the jewelry store. 

Toilets have been imagined in many outrageous ways by artists around the world. But this toilet made of 24 carat gold beats even the wildest of imaginations.

Golden Toilet

Golden Toilet


Not for sale…