Solid Gold BBQ Grill

BBQ Grill made of Gold

If you are fond of grilled food, you are not alone. The aroma and flavor of meats and vegetables that have been barbequed is simply irresistible. If you have been greatly impressed by the food served at a garden party by your friend, you too can not only prepare delicious grilled food but also throw similar parties in your backyard. All you need to do is to buy a BBQ grill and learn how to cook delicious and healthy grilled food. But grills are very common and found in every household these days. Then how do you differentiate your grill from others? Well, you can buy a grill made from gold to mesmerize all your friends and visitors.

A company called BeefEater has created a barbeque grill that is unlike other grills in the market. It is made using 24 carat solid gold and though it is not for sale, this BBQ grill has certainly caught the fancy of a huge number of people looking for grills for their homes. This grill is certainly not for common men as it is very expensive. But for those who are filthy rich and can afford it, this grill is certainly one kitchen appliance that has the ability to make a grand statement without saying a single word.

This grill is a collector’s item as every part except the cooking surface has been electroplated with 24 carat gold. It is a large grill with 6 burners and a roasting hood. It is packed with all the latest features and prepares delicious BBQ food full of aromas and flavor. It is fitted with a quartz ignition system that turns on the flame with the push of a knob. It also has a vaporizer grid.

This gold plated grill made its debut at Sydney Home Show where it became a centre of attraction among the visitors. It later got certified as the most expensive barbeque grill of the world in the year 2009. This gold plated BBQ grill is priced at $165000 and it is certainly not the faint hearted.

BeefEater made this golden barbeque grill to celebrate the fact that it was named as the finest BBQ manufacturer in a review that lists luxury home appliances made around the world. It is actually a replica of the flagship product made by the company (6 Burner SL4000) and it has been recognized as the first fully functional BBQ grill made from gold.


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