Make Toast Like A Boss

A Toaster that Reflects your Status

There are many things that one associates with early mornings. If early morning newspaper and a cup of hot coffee are a must for a majority of people around the country, there are many who are not ready for their day ahead unless they have had their roasted bread slices. One kitchen appliance that is found for roasting bread slices in nearly all households is an electric toaster. These toasters have been around for nearly half a century and allow the convenience of roasted bread slices within a minute or two. There have been many changes and improvements in the design and functioning of these toasters but basically their purpose remains the same.

Create a big Impression on others
But how would you react if told that there are also toasters made from pure gold. A toaster is a toaster and its only purpose is to roast bread slices, you would say. There is no dearth of wealthy people it seems, and this is the reason a company has come up with a toaster made of pure gold. No, this device will not churn out roasted bread slices that are any more delicious than ordinary toasters. But it would certainly help the super rich to create a big impression on their friends and visitors. If you can afford, this golden toaster will cost you only $160000.

You will only be making toast when you use this golden toaster but the mere sight of this collector’s item in your household will be enough to convey the impression that you have no ordinary taste in life. This beautiful and yet functional toaster has been made to create a lasting impression on all your friends and visitors to your home.

It tells others who is the boss
Let the world know that you have arrived in style. Buy this toaster made from gold that allows you to make a bold statement about your status and wealth. You are the boss in your home and this toaster is able to scream it loud to others without you having to say a single word. It is still a toaster but one that tells others not to mess around with you.

Of course you would need to deploy tight security around the dining room as you place this expensive toaster on the table. But electronic surveillance with alarm system would keep this beautiful piece of jewelry safe from thieves and those envious of you.