Louis Vuitton Chainshaw

If you have watched the movie Walking Dead or any movies that involved zombies, you probably noticed that the actors or actresses uses a chainsaw. You want to know why? Well, they use it to obviously kill zombies just to survive. Knowing that chainsaws are too powerful and in fact can cut trees, even the large ones, it can really be a useful tool for them to kill any zombies that might get into their way. Likewise, some of the movies like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, they make use of chainsaw to kill people, innocent or not.

However, chainsaw are not really created for killing people or zombies, but it is made to cut trees. Though, the purpose of the very first chainsaw that was made is to cut bones and not trees. It was invented by the two Scottish doctors namely James Jeffray and John Aitken. The first chainsaw consist of one chain with links that are serrated on its one side and is running in the middle of two handles. Just like the evolving world, the very first chainsaw also evolved and was expanded into something closely similar to the modern chainsaw, the hand-cracked bone saw. It was the German doctor named Bernhard Heine who expanded the very first chainsaw.

In the year 1926, Andreas Stihl created the very first chainsaw that uses electric current and is already used to cut small and even large trees. However, it weighs 140 pounds so it needed two people to use it because of its heaviness. But the chainsaw was again improved and expanded by Emil Lerp and also by Andreas Stihl in the year 1927 and 1926 respectively. Until these modern days, the manufacturer companies of chainsaw still think on how to improve it so that people will be more likely to buy their chainsaw products. Most especially that it is really needed by construction workers to cut unnecessary trees around the area where they will be working.

Due to the importance and uses of chainsaw, Peter Gronquist made a gold sculpture using the famous Louis Vuitton Company logo. But unlike the usual chainsaw that can be bought in the market, the chainsaw of Louis Vuitton is somehow different. Surely it does really looks like a chainsaw, but the difference is that it is gold plated. Believe it or not it is really true. However, because of its characteristics, it will surely cost big amount of money. So, most people will not have the chance to buy their very own Louis Vuitton gold chainsaw.

But, it is not really important whether the chainsaw you are using is gold plated or not. The thing is you should use it right, to avoid any accidents that might happen to you or to other people. But, we can’t deny the fact that the gold chainsaw of Louis Vuitton is simply amazing and extraordinary.

LV Chainsaw

This Gold Louis Vuitton Chainsaw can be yours for …

$3,500.00 – $10,000.00

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