James Bond Never Looked This Good.

Gold Plated Gun Inspired by James Bond

Guns have been around for a very long time now. They are one of the many types of firearms that are used by men in law enforcement agencies and also by common people for the purpose of self defense. In Hollywood, one character that has become immortal for his use of guns is James Bond. One of the movies in James Bond series was Man with the Golden Gun. There are millions and millions of fans of this character around the world. On the 50th anniversary of this factious character, a company called Goldgenie has come up with a unique gold plated pistol that is available for the diehard fans of James Bond.

This is a replica of the gun used by James Bond in his movies

Goldgenie has made only 50 such gold plated revolvers and fans of James Bond can book their gun for a down payment of only $1275.30.  Though James Bond himself never got a chance to shoot his enemies using a golden gun, you can certainly own this unique gold plated pistol. Walther PPK was a favorite of James Bond and he flaunted it in many of his movies. But he did not have the fortune to make use of a gold plated pistol.  If you are a diehard fan of James Bond, do not miss this chance of owning gold plated Walther PPK.

Hurry up as only 50 of these pistols have been made

This is a collector’s item and also very luxurious. There are only 50 of these pistols that have been made by Goldgenie and considering the large no of fans of James Bond around the world, you would do well to book your gun in advance.  With this beautiful replica of the pistol used by James Bond in so many Hollywood movies, you can certainly impress your friends.

This beautiful firearm is not a toy as it is functional and can fire bullets. You can use this gun for your safety though the company has not made it clear whether it will also make matching golden bullets for all those who buy this gold plated pistol. Whether you use it for self defense or just keep it as a collector’s item, this is certainly a product that worth buying for all loyal fans of James Bond.  Buy this beautiful gun now to proclaim your love for James Bond to the world.        

You can reserve your OO7 with a 50% down payment of…

1275.30 US Dollars

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