Golden Lighter

Golden lighter is very much ideal for those people who are smoking. The golden lighter is different from the traditional lighter because of the type of flame and torch that it have. The flame of the golden lighter starts out from blue and later on it changes into green that makes it look cool. The golden lighter also have LEDs that light up too.

It would be a great opportunity for smokers to show their personal style with the use of golden lighter. This lighter comes with attractive appearance and with practical function. It is also light in weight, small and easy to bring. It has the application of the highest quality of material that makes it easy and safe to use and makes it as the best handheld device to use in lighting cigarettes. For you to know the other features that golden lighter have, below are some of its features and specifications:

Features of golden lighter:

Very cool and stylish.

The golden cigarette lighter uses butane gas and is refillable and convenient to use by the smokers.

Its design is very compact and unique. 

Because the golden lighter is very stylish, it can match up with any kind of outfit.

It is perfect as a gift and as a personal collection.

It is suitable for conference room, office, restaurants and other places.

Golden lighter specifications:

The golden lighter is made of iron material and it has a golden color. Its dimension is 0.75’’ x 3.11’’ or 1.9 x 7.9 cm. It weighs 2.12 Oz or 60 grams.

You can find at the bottom of the golden lighter the butane fill port that also serves as the adjustment of the flame. The hole that will fill the lighter can be seen in the center. The fill adjustment can be seen around the edge. It has a notch in which the smokers can use their fingernails or a small screwdriver in turning the lighter on and adjusting the flame lower or higher. The cover of the golden lighter is spring loaded so when smokers let go of it, it springs back over the opening. When the cover of the golden lighter is open, an audible click will be heard to let the users know that it is on. The click is intended both for the igniter and LEDs.

There are also three sets of LEDs inside the golden lighter—the top, middle and bottom, red, green and purple that blink for few seconds. When the lighter is used and automatically turn off by itself, the flame that the golden lighter produce is not the typical flame. It is more of a torch and a kind of mini blow torch. What’s amazing in this golden lighter is the colored flame that it produces.

If you are a smoker and you want to look stylish, try to have a golden lighter. Aside from lighting cigarettes, it also works as a tool in deicing your car locks during winter season.


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