Bad Ass Skull Braclet

A lot of people are staying away from wearing any kind of jewelry that have a skull in it. Basically, a lot of people will think of skull as a representation of morality, evil and death. But today, the representation of skull become very popular and it was changed into a positive representation because of the famous designer Alexandra McQueen. She is a famous designer who designed few bags and scarves using the images of skull in the year 2010. Today, you will notice that there are a lot of males who wear skull bracelet in their wrist especially the golden one because they feel cool when they are wearing it.

There are various options in wearing golden skull bracelets. You can wear them when you are wearing formal suit in which you can hide it in your shirt. It can also be shown off when you are wearing a casual t-shirt while you are enjoying a walk with a friend or when you are doing a sport. You can also attach it to a belt when you are wearing casual attire in the office. The presence of wearing a golden skull bracelet brings a wild charm and a stylish look in the personality of an individual who wears it.

Most young men have a habit of buying golden skull bracelet. If you are a student or a creative professional, you can have these golden skull bracelets that will surely add glamour to your personality. But at some point, if you are working in the corporate world, most of the time you will be hiding these golden skull bracelets in order for you not to show off your wild streak.

If you are going to visit at any jewelry stores online, you would be amazed by the designs and the styles that they offer. You can have a golden single skull design that is attached to the thick bracelet chain. There are also other designs of golden skull bracelets that are made from small sizes of skulls and are beaded together with a colored beads and a small skull that is used and intact together in the bracelet. If you wish to have your own customized design, you can get a golden skull beads and a thread according to your desire style.

Since golden skull bracelets are being used by a lot of professional people, mostly the material used is gold. But, skull bracelets can be made also with the use of copper and brass for those people who want to wear them because they want to showcase a certain cult or belief. In some cases, golden skull bracelets are not regularly used by people because of the fact that it is made of an expensive material.

Golden skull bracelet has evolved. Today, it is the most popular fashion statement for a lot of men. Men are so fond of wearing golden skull bracelets because they feel that they can express themselves as well as their fashion statement.


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