Time is Gold in 18K Gold Rolex Yacht Master

Time is Gold in 18K Gold Rolex Yacht Master

Success can be defined by the things that you bought making your life more meaningful and colorful. People who are rich enough are fond of buying things that would make them happy and satisfied. One of the items that they can afford to buy is a branded watch. The famous brand of watch of all times is the Rolex. People who have this watch are said to be known in the society.

18K Gold Rolex Yacht Master is one of the models of Rolex watches that many would want to have. Only few people are known who bought this like the famous celebrity Bruce Willis. This watch does not only symbolize success, but also wealth knowing that the price of this is $36,745.00.

This watch also comes with tags, books, as well as Rolex boxes that are original. This model was released 18K yellow gold in the year 1992 having triplock winding, rotatinge bezel that is bidirectional and parachrom oscillator hairspring that is responsible for increasing the accuracy of the watch through opposing against shocks and magnetic fields. This model is even more adaptable as compared to the Rolex Submariner that can be used either by male or female. This model also offers the combination of platinum and stainless steel.

18k Gold Rolex Yacht Master is a model of watch in which the wearers can use it underwater without worrying that it would not function anymore. Wearers will become prouder once they wear this watch because it is made from precious metals making it look more luxurious. This watch became more popular resulting to increasing number of waiting lists. In the year 1994, it paved way on the creation of Rolex watches that are smaller for men and women. The women’s version became successful increasing the demand for it.

This model is also available with Oyster bracelets that are stainless steel, two-toned, and full of gold. The price of this will also vary depending on when it was manufactured, released number of watches as well as its metal type. Buy this kind of watch for you to have a good investment knowing that it is affordable and logical. This one of a kind watch will make the wearers feel that they are one of the luckiest people in the world knowing that there are only few people who can afford to buy this kind of watch.

18K gold Rolex Yacht Master is surely the work of an intelligent mind. This watch is timeless and would guarantee the wearers satisfaction and sense of fulfillment. This watch is also suited for those who are collectors of Rolex watches, but no one can resist wearing this everyday once they have it. There is no reason to just keep this watch inside the box knowing that there are people who are doing the rest that they can do just to have this.

Today, watches also became a societal symbol wherein you are rich in the eyes of many people if you are wearing expensive watches. Rolex watches are proof that not everybody can afford to buy expensive items especially when they do not have enough money to satisfy their wants.


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